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Vision Board

  • You have to have a vision.

  • A vision of what you truly want.

  • A vision that you are willing to create and it excites you.

A vision board is a powerful visual tool that you can use as inspiration for your journey towards your ideal life. “A goal without a plan is just a dream”. A vision board is your first step towards your plan. It’s pinpointing certain things that you would like to accomplish throughout your life.

The first thing you should start your vision board off with is the why? What is the most important thing in your life that drives you? There is something that makes you get up every day and go out and do what you do. What is that? For me it’s my family. Like countless of families out there, my family was not born “privileged.” There are so many things that could have been different to make life so much easier but unfortunately we didn’t get to have that.

This is not an excuse but a reason. The difference between an excuse and a reason is with an excuse, you use it to justify why things are the way it is and let it continue that way. A reason is explaining the back story but also doing something different so history won’t repeat itself. Will you be that “different”? Someone needs to sit back and say things needs to change. I will not let our future generations continue like this and willing to go the “extra mile” to provide a better future for you and your future generations.

Once you figure out your why, now it’s time to come up with your goals.

First and foremost my health is number one. Going through ups and downs of life can take a toll on you. Experiencing the amount of deaths within my loved ones made me realize how precious life truly is. I want to be around for my children, grandchildren etc. as long as I can. When I say healthy, that don’t mean skinny. I know tons of people who are skinny but unhealthy. I don’t mean big either. I don’t discriminate against either or but when you have health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. then that means you are not healthy. So I just want to be healthy.

My second goal is a business. I want something that I can pass down to my future generations. I know that as long as we work for someone else, we will never be financially stable.

My third goal is purchasing a home. I feel as long as we own at least one home; I will never have to worry about my future generations being homeless. Why pay rent at multiple places for countless of years and never own it? Why not just purchase a house?

My fourth goal is a nonprofit. I already have it planned out but just like any other nonprofit, you need funds to run it. I want to be able to give back to the community. I would like to help those that other people judge. I want to make a difference in people lives. No one can walk in someone shoes, so no one know what a person been through to put them in the position they are in now. Everyone wasn’t “taught” or some didn’t have the opportunities as others. I want to be the person that not only teaches others but help put them in the place to have opportunities. This is what Mary Alice Services is all about.

For those that are young or just starting out with their independence, your vision board doesn’t have to be “big goals”. It can consist of “smaller goals”. The key is just to have A GOAL! My vision board is plain and simple but you can google online other vision boards. There are some that is extremely creative.

A vision board is not the ending goal but just the beginning. Once you have created your vision board, now you have to take the necessary steps to achieving it. Research, research, research! How can you accomplish these goals? Pursue a higher education? Save or invest money? Any goal is achievable. All you have to do is believe it. Believing it is your confirmation that it will happen in due time.

  1. What will your vision board consists of?

  2. What steps will you have to take in order to accomplish the items on your vision board?

If you would like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to take our Self-Empowerment Workshop.

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