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The Benefits Of Our Program

Success is not determined by ability but motivation. The only difference between successful people and non-successful people are the excuses that people come up with not to be successful. I’m fully aware of the struggles that people go through but those struggles shouldn’t be the excuse, instead they should be viewed as stumbling blocks. Things to overcome in despite of.

During these days, there are so many distractions out there. These distractions are what people choose to preoccupy majority of their time with which prevents them from focusing on what is important. One of the main distractions I feel are tv, games and social media especially. There was a survey done that the average teenager alone spends 1/3 of their day on social media sites. Do you realize how much can be done within those hours?

I had to ask myself, what will it take for a person to give up some of that time to self-improve themselves? These days, you can no longer tell a child let alone an adult if you do xyz your life will be better so do it. They want to know why, how exactly, where’s the proof? Show me exact facts personally not something you research. I want to see it first-hand. You want to know what’s shocking; even if you do all this some people still won’t do it.

So that leads me to honestly believe, success is really not about a person’s ability but their motivation. What will motivate a person to better their lives especially for those that are content with their life the way it is? You would think more money will motivate a person but to some that is the last thing to motivate them. Some people are more motivated by sentimental values such as being a better role model for their kids, having extra time to spend with their loved ones, having a purpose in life etc. Everyone is motivated by different things. Watch the videos below to see why Mary Alice Services is right for you!


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