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Presentation Matters

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Presentation Matters

  • I can’t find a job.

  • I haven’t received a call back.

  • No one wants to hire me.

Is it you or is it just a conspiracy against you?

First, you have to think “OUTSIDE THE BOX”. If you worked all your life to start a business and if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it, what length would you go to protect it? The time, the tears, the struggles, the sacrifices you made for your company. Now would you let just anyone come in and mess it up, especially an employee whom you are paying?

Now with social media, it’s even worse. You have one bad employee, it will spread like wildfire. YOU are responsible for YOUR Company. Let something happen, do you think that it will affect you in the bigger picture or your employee? I’m sure you have seen tons of articles on how the COMPANY had to apologize for their employees and some even had to pay how many dollars?

Now let’s get back to you. How are you presenting yourself? Before we even go into your appearance, do you have a cover letter, resume, do you even know how to fill out a job application ERROR FREE? For those that don’t know, some people are rejected because of one spelling error or one unanswered question. If you don’t take time out to prefect yourself to impress me to hire you, what mistakes will you make when I do hire you?

Do you even qualify for the position? Some people will use the same resume for every position they apply for. Did you know there are computerized systems that scan through your resume or job application for key words? If you don’t have enough key words, you are automatically disqualified BEFORE a human even look over your information. Each job positions has what they are looking for, PERSONALIZE your resume.

On average 250 resumes are received for each job opening. 1st resume is received within 200 seconds after a position is posted. What makes your resume stand out? Are you using general words rather than detailed? For instance, you were the supervisor at XYZ company or you hired, trained, and supervised 70 drivers during your 3 years of employment with XYZ . Which one sounds more impressive? Verbs! The power of your verbs!

Your appearance, it doesn’t matter what position you are applying for, it’s best to look professional. If you are dressed in any other attire, just go to what you are dressed for. If you are dressed for the gym go to the gym. If you are dressed to go to the club do just that. What you shouldn’t do is go to an interview in anything that is not interview appropriate. Even if you are applying for a low level position, you may never know an employer may see something in you and want to hire you for a higher position. Don’t eliminate yourself for bigger opportunities because of your appearance. Don’t disqualify yourself because of errors because you didn’t take the time out to spell check and customize your paperwork.

  1. Are you prepared when applying for a job? Do you have your I.D, SS card, and at least 3 references?

  2. Do you even have a cover letter or resume? All this is important BEFORE you even get to present yourself in person.

So instead of asking why I won’t get hired, ask yourself will YOU hire YOU? What do YOU have to offer a company? Do YOU qualify according to the job description? What makes YOU MORE impressive than the next person? Please share.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to take our Career Options Workshop.

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