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Every small purchase makes a big difference.

With each purchase, we will donate a free book to a foster child.

Non-profit organizations, inquire about the exclusive discount opportunities we have available for you.

Families who are in need of help with children's school supplies and clothes please visit BFRG  Foundation.

With every book purchase made through our Independent Living Program, you gain entry to our resource center and enjoy free services. At our resource centers, we believe in empowering families and nurturing the potential of our youth. Our resource centers is designed to cater to the diverse needs of both parents and young individuals, providing a supportive environment.

Key Features:

  • Day Access (8:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.) Parents can utilize our facility during the day for job search, school enrollment, parent support groups, and learning about the resources available to them.

  • Afternoon Access (3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.) Youth can explore educational resources, complete homework, participate in life skills and empowerment workshops, and engage in a positive environment.


Other services:

  1. Computer Use

  2. Meal services (Provided based on availability.)

  3. Tutoring (Provided based on availability.)

  4. Support Group (Safe space for families to connect, share experiences, and receive emotional support)

  5. 24-hour access to online support where you can connect with like-minded individuals all striving towards common goals of self-empowerment and independence.


Our extended hours cater to both parents and youth, ensuring accessibility for everyone. We foster a sense of community through shared resources, workshops, and support groups. From academic support to life skills development, we cover a spectrum of needs for comprehensive growth. Join us and be a part of a community that cares about your success! Together, we build brighter futures.


Purchasing a book is not merely a transaction but an investment in yourself. It entails becoming an integral part of the Mary Alice Services Community aka MAS Families where everyone is dedicated to achieving the same objectives. It's about more than just books; it's about building a supportive community working collectively towards shared aspirations.

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Two weeks in the book and I just wanna say how much this book have helped me come to a realization that everything will be okay! Everyday I start my morning with this book and can feel myself growing. I highly recommend. Mary is an amazing author!!

Going through college this book really helped me reflect on the type of person I am and who I want to be when I graduate and the art therapy was soooo fun to do. I got a book for my younger sister so this book can help her the way it helps me grow throughout school!!

Love this book, gives me motivation and allows me to reflect on my thoughts and process my life.Would definitely buy for a friend or family member.

Angie Williams

I love this self-empowerment book! It should be part of the middle and/or high school curriculum.

Derrick Coleman

It was amazing I tell amazing

3 copy.png

Christina Willshee

Self-empowerment isn’t addressed enough in today’s day and age, but this book really sheds light on it’s true meaning and value in modern times. Wonderfully written and extremely insightful, I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

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