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 Entrepreneurship Program

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential! Join our exclusive entrepreneurship program with four comprehensive courses for just $2,000. Secure your spot now and embark on a journey to business success. Sign up today!

1.  Executive Summary

2. General description of business

3. Marketing Plan

4. Operating Plan

5. Human Resources Plan

6. Financial Data

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Is Starting  a Business Right for You?

Winning Business Plan

Business Startup 101

Making Cents make Sense

1. Business Structure

2. For-Profit or Non-Profit,

3. Goods or Services

4. Target Market & Tools

5. Mgmt Responsibilities

6. Mission, Vision & Logo

1. State & Federal Forms

2. Contract & Employee File Maintenance

3. Service Agreements

4. New Hire Checklist 

5. Medical & Benefits File, Payroll File, I-9 File

1. Tax Write-Offs/Sch C

2. Tracking Receipts

3. Chart of Accounts

4. Profit & Loss

5. Accounting

6. Financial Statements

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