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Did You Know?

  • 43.1 Million People are living in poverty within the U.S. alone.

  • Almost 500,000 children are in Foster Care annually.

  • On average, almost 25,000 Foster children age out of Foster Care at 18 per year.

  • 12 million children are living in a single parent family household and 80% of them are headed by single mothers who are more likely to develop depression, smoke, and abuse alcohol and other substances.

  • 20.6 Million Addicts are within the U.S. and over 100 people die every day from drug overdoses.

  • Over 560,000 people are homeless within the U.S.

  • Over 50,000 Veterans are homeless on a given night and over 540,000 Veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD.

With statistics like this, how can one possibly get a better outcome? Well like the saying says if you want a different outcome you HAVE to do something that’s different.

First, let’s start off by eliminating questions like why me? Why I couldn’t be born into a rich family household? Why did I have to go through all the things that I endured? Sometimes in life, THESE types of questions may never be answered. So instead of searching for an answer, let’s take those questions and search for the positive within them.

Having the ability to ask these questions alone is a positive. Some weren’t given that chance. Life alone is a blessing. Having the opportunity to make a change, whether it’s big or small is still better than not having that opportunity at all.

This leads to the next question, why you? No “bad” experience is a “good” experience but the strength you showed to overcome your obstacles is the positive within the negative. Through “strength”, gives you “will”, through “will” gives you “drive”, having “drive” gives you that extra boost to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Have you heard the saying everything glitter is not gold? That lifestyle you wish you had or even those material things you wish you owned, we have no clue what a person had to go through to get that. We also have no clue if a person is even happy having that.

What is happiness? Yes, material things will make life easier because it will provide you with your needs but does it truly make you happy? Happiness comes from within. Happiness is being able to feel good about yourself. Happiness is about taking pride in everything you do. Happiness is feeling content that you are doing everything that you know you are capable of doing.

Your capability is determined by YOU! Only YOU know what you have learned, what you have been given the opportunity to learn and what you are willing to do. No one else can determine those things. YOUR=YOU. This is YOUR LIFE and only YOU can live it to the fullest.

Acknowledging AND accepting that your life is yours and yours alone is the first step to SELF EMPOWERMENT!

  1. Are you empowered?

  2. What are you doing to feel empowered?

  3. What are you doing to BE empowered?

  4. What are you doing to stay empowered?

If you would like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to take our Self-Empowerment Workshop.

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