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There are countless of organizations out there that assist you with the development of your business. Some organizations are the Small Business Administration, SCORE, Community Action Partnerships and a slew of others. They provide workshops that pertain to business along with give 1 on 1 counseling sessions. Some workshops are free while others you have to pay. These workshops are good for people who need that extra help when planning their business along with creating their business plan.

These organizations also offer networking events. Some are free as others cost. It’s best to go to the free ones because I’m sure you can spend your money on other business related expenses. Even though over some time you realize that the people who attend these networking events are so focused on advertising their own business and not even taking time out to hear about yours, you will find a few that will. So keep going! You can’t grow your business if no one knows about it.

There are different apps like meetup, Eventbrite, etc that hosts these events.

  • What program or apps do you use?

  • What networking events works best for you?

  • What workshops are you looking for and what do you want to gain from it?

If you would like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to take our “Is starting a business right for you?” Workshop.

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