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Key Qualities

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

What are your key qualities that match what an employer may be seeking? Have you heard the saying that character is the REAL FOUNDATION of all worthwhile success? Having an upbeat and positive personality will carry over into your customer service skills. Your personality, your energy, and working style are all relevant to what makes you unique.

With so many companies having to deal with protests due to their employees unprofessional behavior and some are even being sued, customer services skills are extremely important!

Some key qualities that an employer looks for are:

  1. Team Player

  2. Dependable

  3. Hard Worker

  4. Independent

For any business to be successful, you need team players. Even though everyone has their own job description, each positions affects the next. The saying keep business and personal separate applies to this. Regardless how you feel on a personal level, each employee SHOULD be working towards the bigger goal which is the overall company services/products.

Second, you must be dependable. One key factor of customer service is making the customers happy. When consumers purchase items, they want it now. So for some products or services that can’t be fulfilled now, they expect it on the date that was stated. Not having dependable workers can prevent this from happening. There’s no big or small position. Every job is just as important as the next. Having a dependable staff allows a company to run smoothly.

Third, a hard worker. The best things an employer can receive are hard workers. Hard workers goes above and beyond their job description. They put the attention and time as if it was their company. They take pride in what they do and feel that the reputation of the company is at stake if they don’t do their job well. A hard worker find innovative and creative ideas to improve the company. These are the types of employees that eventually become part of the “team” (administrative or management level).

Independent. Even though all companies have to train their employees, some employees can grasp their position more than others. These workers are hard independent workers. Instead of having to be told every step of the way, they are fully capable of working on their own and able to take charge when need be. Having independent workers allows the employers to focus on other things rather than the things they pay their employees to do.

Do you possess these key qualities? Another common interview question that is asked is, “Please tell us a time when you had an irate customer and how well did you resolve the situation?” The reason why the employers ask this question is that it touch basis on your professionalism and customer service skills which include components of the key qualities listed above.

  • Tell us about your experience?

  • How well did you handle the experience and what have you learned from it?

  • Do you think you could have handled it better?

If you would like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to take Career Options Workshop.

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