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Is this job for you?

  • Having Monday blues?

  • Trying to get past Hump Wednesday?

  • Desperately waiting until TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday!)?

Then your job might just not be for you. Most people spend half their waking hours at their job. That is a lot of time to sit around and be miserable. 8 hours of misery a day is just too much. Misery = Stress. Stress = Anxiety Attacks. Anxiety Attacks = other serious health issues.

Yes, we all need money to survive but we also need to be happy to live!

When choosing your career, did you choose something that you have a passion to do? When choosing your employer, did you choose a company whose mission aligns with who you are as a person? Do you even know WHO you are? What makes you happy and feel good doing it?

Every company should have a mission statement. Research the company that you are seeking to employ with and see if it’s a company that you feel proud to represent. Research the company reviews to see if any of their employees complain about the work environment or the customers complain about their service. If the employees aren’t happy, it will show through their customer service. You can even go as far as acting like a customer or client and see how you are greeted.

If for any reason you are in desperate need to still pursue the job even after realizing it may not be for you, make sure you are actively doing something on the side to work towards a better job. Never settle and stay somewhere you are not happy at. That is the beauty of choices, you have a choice but the question is, are you willing to do what it takes to make that choice?

  1. When pursuing a job, what are you looking for?

  2. What does a company have to do or represent to make you feel good about being their employee?

  3. What is your ultimatum when accepting or rejecting a job?

If you would like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to take our Career Options Workshop.

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