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I Came From...

2 important days of your life, the day you are born and the day you find out why.

The bigger your dream is the harder you have to grind.

No one has walked in your shoes. No one knows how far you have come.

Here's my personal testimony (Mary Hill)

  1. I came from being homeless in and out of the streets since age 10 to living in a new home in a gated community.

  2. I came from not being allowed to go to high school due to the laws listed "underage runaways" to having a degree in Accounting, Certificate in Computerized Accounting, Certificate in Technical Communications, Tax Preparer License, and Notary Public License.

  3. I came from being alone in the world having no one, to being surround by kids of my own, nieces, nephews, family and friends who show me so much love that words can't even explain it.

  4. I came from thinking I wouldn't make it to my sixteen birthday to still be alive and I'm over 40!

  5. I came from always thinking why me to appreciating that it was me which gave me the compassion to help others make it through the same things I been through.

Comment below by listing 5 examples of the sentence below:

  • I came from and ended up (List where you came from and ended up or will end up)


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