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Social Media - Pros & Cons

Social Media is the best thing next to slice bread or is it? For those that are sheltered or maybe can’t afford to travel, social media is everything! Through social media, a person can meet new people, learn new things and most of all keep in contact with family and friends without even have to get out of bed! What more can you ask for?

Not only is social media used to interact with others, now they have incorporated games, movies and most of all quizzes! Who loves a good quiz? I never imagined that my qualities can match up with cheese! Unfortunately it was a kind I never tasted before so I’m really not sure if it was a good reflection of myself or bad. Never heard of Gouda Cheese but it stated that I have a lovely temperament and an easygoing, likable personality. I also have a genuine smile and ability to laugh at life. These are just two of the many reasons that I have many friends. I answered 29 questions that most likely will be applied to what type of ads that will show up in my near future every time I log onto the internet BUT now I know what type of cheese I am.

For those that honestly have nothing to do social media is right for them. For those that SHOULD be working towards something, accomplishing their goals and even business owners (depending on how they use it) is the WORST thing ever! There are so many aspects of social media that will distract you for hours!

  1. Business owners, how many hours do you spend on social media to advertise your business vs personal enjoyment?

  2. How do you balance your time on social media?

  3. What are some of the best ways you can use social media to grow your business? List some.

  4. Students, how many hours do you spend on social media to help you with your homework vs personal enjoyment?

  5. What are your thoughts on social media? Is it a good thing or bad?

If you would like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to take our "Is Starting a Business Right for You?" Workshop.

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