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Therapy Program

Walking in Your Truth * Enlightening * Self-Serenity * Awakening

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Therapy groups can create a sense of community that teaches participants pro social functional coping mechanisms to change behavior through self-realization techniques. Our alternative therapy programs can be beneficial to the participants by giving them options to choose from that helps them express their emotions of struggle, perseverance, and empowerment.

Our alternative therapy programs can be a tool to bring family or friends together in a fun way in which they would actually enjoy it. Our therapy programs address physical, psychological, emotional, social, behavioral, cognitive, communicative and spiritual difficulties using receptive methods, improvisation, recreate experiences and composition.


Our therapy program can be used in a therapeutic way by allowing participants to express emotions in a safe and structured environment which may allow them to properly identify and organize thoughts and emotions, learn discipline, improve social skills and learn impulse control through reducing aggression and hostile behavior. Releasing their emotions through our various programs can help participants reveal unconscious fears and anxieties, identify and work through traumatic experiences and transform traumatic memories into healthier associations.

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