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"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal."

What Our Clients Say...



Mary Hill is a very talented and highly skilled individual who regularly gives me and my business sound advice when it comes to my business taxes and professional consulting. Mary has recently acted as a mediator in a business dispute and was extremely knowledgeable, her helpful and expert advice aided me to dissolve a business and start a more successful one.

Mary Alice Services have been very reasonably priced, and always understands exactly what a client needs. For the past five years I have always been completely satisfied with the outcome of her services and in the manner it was performed.

If anyone is in need of knowledgeable legal tax advice, or general knowledge on how to make your business produce a great deal of profit I highly recommend Mary for your business needs.

Mary Alice Service is the “bomb”! I had no idea or clue on what Profits and Losses are/was. I had no idea of how much work it takes to run a company? I had no idea of how accounting and tax services works, until I attended a Workshop at Mary Alice Services. The workshops filled in all the blanks, crossed all the t’s and dotted all the I’s in the process of learning the financial projections process to run a company. I attended the Self-Empowering Workshop and learned the importance of being a role model and productive member to society by creating goals. In the Finances workshop, this is where I had no clue, and yet I have a company. This particular workshop taught me a great deal on demonstrating real-life expenses and learned ways to manage my income to be able to afford the expenses. 

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