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Why should I help?

Volunteer Today!

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  • With any service, volunteers and funding are always needed.

  • You can contact us to fill out a volunteer application or donate.

Make a Difference!

People are living in poverty within the U.S. alone.


Children living in Foster Care annually.


Children living in Single Parent Household.


Drug Addicts within the U.S. & 100 drug overdoses every day.


Homeless within the U.S. & 50,000 are Veterans.


Veterans diagnosed with PTSD.

How will your donations be applied?

  • Mary Alice Services has collaborated with BFRG Foundation to provide all services to low income families and children along with Foster Youth for 50% off.

  • All donations will be directed to the BFRG Foundation. 

  • BFRG Foundation is a 501c nonprofit organization.

  • Once your donation is received and processed, you will be given a donation receipt.

  • You can ask to apply your donation to the target market of your choice along with the services of your choice.

  • Make a difference in someone's life, donate now!

  • Provides necessary skills and resources that are needed to improve ones life.

  • Long-term experience and enthusiastic support we are positive that each participant will leave our program in a better situation than they started with.

  • Impact and penetrate the minds of targeted audience by igniting a desire to not only achieve the goals but also keep them committed. 

  • It is a proven fact that when dealing with people from all walks of life, there are numerous of services that needs to be provided and various outlets that needs to be set in place so each individual can be accommodated.

  • With the extended services of MAS our program is able to fulfill if not all, majority of these needs. Our program is like an all in one.

Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering.

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