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Embrace Our Youth Program

Providing resources, tools, information and guidance to empower them in reaching their educational and career goals. Assisting them in their transition into healthy and successful adulthood.

Independent Living Program:

Self-Empowerment Workshop – Participants will have identified their current skills along with skills they need to learn to pursue the career path that they are working towards.

Career Options Workshop – Participants will have several career options that they will pursue along with all the tools to get that job.

Higher Education Workshop – Participants will have the ability to enroll in an educational facility to get the training they need to qualify them in the career that they are pursuing.

Managing Finances Workshop – Participants will know how to fill out their W-2 forms when applying for a job, understand how to read an earning statement, and learn the importance of having a checking & savings account along with understand the bank fees.

Life Skills Workshop – Participants will know how to research the various human resources in their area, shop on a budget, calculate unit pricing, read, increase and decrease recipes, request personal documentation such as birth certificates, social security card, and driver’s license. Learn about the National Hotlines and Emergency Agencies within their area.

For more detail about our Independent Living Program

1 Year Mentor & Tutoring Program:

1 on 1 Mentoring Services
Assistance and Resources
Support Groups
Tutoring Services

For more detail about our Mentor Program

Daily Activities

For more detail about our Daily Activities

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