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Come join us every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. (California Time), Turning obstacles into opportunities, adapt to change, plan your dream life, and manifestation We will be focusing on creating and accomplishing monthly goals. Come meet other individuals to hold each other accountable and support one another. It’s amazing how far someone can go just because someone believed in you. Let us be that someone.

Junior Boss Bootcamp

Come join us every Saturday at 11:00 a.m. (California Time) We are hosting a safe environment where kids can socialize with each other under the supervision of their parents and from the comfort of their home. The purpose of this event is to allow families to come together to share resources and ideas on entrepreneurship and generational wealth. If you know of any families who may be interested, please share this with them.


Parenting Together


Come join us every Saturday at 6:00 p.m. (California Time) Meet other parents to discuss topics on: Communication, Education, Generational Differences, and Resources. There’s no such thing as being a perfect parent so just be a real one. If you know of any parents who would like or need support, please share this with them

Please join our FB Group: MASFamilies2015 to get the access code to participate in our weekly activities via Zoom.

Security Guard Training

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California Guard Card, Field Training, Security Career Advisement & Firearm Training for 1st five enrollees per month. 

Overcoming Obstacles

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